Counselling session

What can I expect from 50 MINUTES COUNSELLING

Inital Contact

Once you have made the first step and contacted us for an appointment, a date and time will be agreed that is suitable for you. Often this can be made within a few days of the initial contact. In rare occasions there may be a short waiting list, however, this will be discussed with you.

If you wish, we can email you a confirmation of the date, time, and name of the counsellor who will be expecting you.


When you arrive for your session, you will be greeted by the counsellor. This initial session is called the "Assessment" session. The cost for an assessment session is slightly lower than the normal counselling fee. This session is an opportunity for you to discuss with your counsellor the reasons for seeking counselling. You will be able to ask any questions that you might have at this time. It is also an opportunity for your counsellor to begin to get an understanding of the problems you may be facing, so you will be asked some questions relating to your current situation.

Once the assessment has taken place, your counsellor will discuss with you whether you would like to take up future counselling sessions. In most cases, your counsellor will be the one working with you from then on

Future counselling sessions will be arranged and fees negotiated. This is a flexible process, and you can discuss with your counsellor specific needs.

Counselling Sessions

Every counselling session is of 50 minutes duration. Most people prefer to see their counsellor on a weekly basis, however, you can discuss with your counsellor what you prefer. Some people find it helpful to set an initial timeline, for example a set of ten sessions, in which to work towards. We work around your needs, and are able to see you for as long as necessary.

You can stop counselling at any time.

You are in control.

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